Attorneys who Become Divorce Attorneys

We’ve been administrative assistants for divorce attorneys for several decades, and we’ve seen come to see our fair share of lawyers. At this rate, we’d probably make better attorneys then some of the people our firm has hired! Even so, there are certain things we see over and over again with divorce attorneys.  

First, most of them are in it for the money. Even though the rate of divorce has fallen in the last decade, 46 percent of all marriages break up. That’s good business. Some will tell you that they are in it to help clients, but that is rarely the truth. However, one of the exceptions to the rule is attorneys who really do care about their clients and helping people make the most out of a traumatic decision.  

Two, they are likely divorced themselves, or their parents were. I suppose this is good because they know the process, but none of the lawyers at our current firm are married to their first spouses.   

Three, they love to gossip just as much as we do. Probably why they are in the field! 

There are some great divorce attorneys out there who are kind and loving people, but you can’t say that about the ones in Buncombe. If you run into one, watch your pocket book!