I do … not

Just a few months ago, one of our attorneys was assigned to work on a divorce of a couple that had been married 65 days! 35 DAYS! That is shorter than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries!  

The couple had been best friends in high school, and then drifted apart when the wife moved to New York. After failed attempts at being a writer for 10 years, she returned home to live her with her aging parents, and she decided to get in touch with her old friend. He was about a year removed from divorce to his wife and thought seeing an old friend would be good for him. The reunion ignited something deeper, and within two weeks, the couple were engaged.  

It didn’t seem crazy because they were old friends. They already knew each other right? So, after about eight months of marriage, they went down to the courthouse to become wedded. But, immediately it was not bliss. She learned that he had awful debt from his previous divorce, and he soon realized that she had a drinking problem. It was not so many hearts and rainbows, after all.  

The couple had actually broken up a month after their marriage (the wife moved back in with her parents), and while they tried to work something out, it wasn’t meant to be. Because they weren’t married long, the divorce was quick, and the pair was officially separated by the year anniversary of their wedding.