The Saddest Split in Buncombe

The worst divorce case we saw was about a young woman we’ll call Sarah. She got pregnant when she was 16 to her boyfriend at the time, and they were forced into marriage by her parents. They truly loved each other and made it work with both of them finishing high school and then college.  

In her mid 20s, though, Sarah found out that she had cancer. While it was stage II and treatable, her husband did not handle it well and ended up cheating on her while she was on chemo treatments. She tried to make it work by going to therapy, but in the end her husband was not interested in being married anymore and filed for divorce.  

It was very hard on Sarah, especially because she was still trying to fight the cancer. Eventually, she did beat cancer, and she also got fully custody of their child. While this was one of the saddest divorces we’ve ever seen, we hear that Sarah is now healthy and dating a really cute single dad she met a Parent-Teacher night!