When Harry Breakups with Sally

We all know those couples. The perfect ones, who’ve been together so long it’s hard to ever imagine them apart. They are so cute together they are sickening, and they all make us feel a bit lonelier because we haven’t met the right person or our spouse isn’t as great of a partner as these two.  

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However, what the movies don’t tell you is that these people get divorced, too.  

Take Katherine and David. The two met first day of college when Katherine was rooming with David’s good friend from high school, and he stopped by to help her put a bookshelf together. They fell in love fast, and all of their friends were so jealous about what a perfect couple they were together. They went on great adventures – like hiking the Appalachian Trail and road tripping to the Grand Canyon – and they were fully enamored with each other, writing each other poems and love letters. David and Katherine married right out of college, and then moved to the Pacific Northwest to work on an organic farm. Their life seemed like a fairytale, until it got real.  

Two years after their big move, David came back home without Katherine. As the two got older, they realized they had less in common and dreams that went in different directions. Katherine wanted to travel the world taking photos, and David wanted to live in a small town and raise a family. They had always assumed that the other would come around to their way of thinking, but after just 30 months of marriage, they realized the truth. And so, it was over.  

The divorce was fairly quick because they both didn’t have money nor did they have any children. Both Katherine and David were reasonable people who still had love for each other so they came to agreements easy. Still, it was heartbreaking to watch the perfect couple say their last goodbyes. It goes to show you that no matter how happy a relationship seems, no one truly knows what the couple is going through.